In China, 3 people died from an unknown virus

The number of people infected with a new virus in China tripled over the weekend, with an outbreak

spread from Wuhan to other major citiescountries. Now more than 200 cases of infections have been registered, and respiratory disease has also been found in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. In addition, the same virus was diagnosed in residents of Thailand, Japan and South Korea.

An unknown virus was first detected afteroutbreaks of pneumonia in Wuhan in December 2019. The first patient to be diagnosed with the virus died on January 9th. The exact cause of his death is still unknown, but he was diagnosed with chronic liver disease and an abdominal tumor.

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Chinese authorities and the World AssociationHealth (WHO) has already concluded that coronavirus causes the infection. They added that several dozen viruses belong to this family, but only a few of them can infect humans and cause death.

In 2002, as a result of an outbreak of coronavirus,started in China, more than 8 thousand people fell ill with SARS, about 700 of them died. “When we come across a new coronavirus, we want to determine the severity of the symptoms. This time, the symptoms are similar to colds, that is, there’s cause for alarm, but it’s not as scary as SARS, ”BBC quotes Professor Mark Woolhaus of the University of Edinburgh.