In China, because of Huawei, they declared a boycott of Apple

As a result of the trade war with the United States in China, they declared a boycott of Apple and urge to switch from iPhones

on products of domestic producers.

What is the hype?

States President Donald Trump has signed a banAmerican telecommunications companies acquire foreign equipment that may be a potential threat to national security. In addition, Huawei wants to blacklist and prohibit the purchase of parts and components from US suppliers without a special license from the government.

And now what?

After that, the Chinese boycotted Apple andsocial networks are calling to abandon the products of this company. “The functions in Huawei smartphones are comparable to the Apple iPhone or even better. We have such a good alternative for smartphones, so why are we still using Apple gadgets? ”Writes one of the Weibo users.

Others urge not only to boycottApple, but also other US companies, including the manufacturer of chipsets Qualcomm. “Trump does not allow companies to use Huawei, then let's not use Apple. We should not buy any phone that uses Qualcomm ", - offered in social networks.

Recall the same story was at the end of the pastyears, and also because of the United States and Huawei. Then the enterprises of China called, and sometimes forced the employees to abandon Apple gadgets and switch to Huawei products. For this, part of its value was reimbursed, and sometimes the entire amount was entirely reimbursed.

As a result, Apple’s sales in China decreased by 20% in the last quarter of 2018, but Huawei’s figures rose by almost 25%.