In China, they sell custom Xiaomi Mi 9 with a 6500 or even 9900 mAh battery

In the winter of this year, the company Xiaomi announced its new flagship Mi 9. He has a good "stuffing" and quite

nice price tag, but the battery is too small - at 3300 mAh. But the Chinese craftsmen have solved this problem and offer an upgrade of the “nine”, which will increase its autonomy by 2–3 times.

What is it like?

Chinese retailer Taobao (e-platformtrade in the style of Amazon and eBay) is taken to increase the battery capacity to 6500 mAh and even 9900 mAh! You send your gadget to the masters - and you get the same smartphone, but with a new battery.

Judging by the pictures, during the upgrade installnew back panel, which is more arched. The main camera at the same time as it goes deep. As a result, the smartphone grows fat, but slightly: +3.4 mm thickness and +60 grams of weight.

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The remaining characteristics of Xiaomi Mi 9 should remain the same. However, so far there has been no feedback on the results of such work, so it is worth thinking well before doing such a procedure.

By the way, the retailer asks only $ 43 for replacing the battery.

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