In Cyberpunk 2077, even the dumbest actions will not lead to mission failure

CD Projekt quest designer Philipp Weber spoke again with the German publication Gamestar, where he revealed new

details about Cyberpunk 2077.

What is known

According to the developer, the world is “cyberpunk”does not depend on the failure or success of the mission. Even if the player does not save the target or screws up during the task, the game will continue, but with consequences.

Weber said that the developers specificallycame up with stupid actions and built missions taking them into account. For example, while defending a target, a character can take a burger from a cafeteria and eat it under a hail of bullets. If the client dies, then the world will continue to exist without him, and V will simply lose money.

Last time Weber said that Cyberpunk2077 will be much more varied than Witcher 3. Players will have up to five ways to complete one mission, which depend on the character’s skills. CD Projekt also plans to make the "cyberpunk" world multi-level, replacing spacious fields with multi-story buildings. In addition, hacking the game will help you not only sneak through levels, but also defeat enemies.