In Destiny 2, a class rebalance will begin with the beginning of the “Week of lightning”

Today, April 9, in the Destiny 2 will be held the first event of the season "The Wanderer", which Bungie was nicknamed "The Week


What is known

With the beginning of the event, new tasks will be added to the game, andwill return the Mayham regime, in which the guards fight every man for himself. The developers also promised to return the quest to the “Lord of Thunder” machine gun, which will be available until April 23. In addition, completing the raids, players will be able to knock out the pistol "Rat King", the machine gun "Hard Light" and the grenade launcher "Prospector", and for participating in the matches, the Furnace has a chance to get "SUROS Mode".

The changes will affect the Gambit Prime regime. The developers decided to reduce the complexity, and now killing the enemy will restore only 8% of the health of the primitive.

Class balance

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Major changes will affect classes. Bungie increased Warlock Storm trance damage to 150% for five seconds. The lightning strike will now bind to five opponents, and the damage is reduced from 50 to 31 units per chain. The bonus for splitting regeneration is increased to 600% for each guard, and the bonus duration is increased by 50%.

Hunters with a subclass Warrior's Path will gainto a melee attack by 60% in PvE and by 22.7% in PvP. The killings cure the Hunter for 40 health units and bring about a recovery. Effect duration Fatal coverage increased to eight seconds. The distance of the disorienting strike of the subclass Wind Path is increased by 50%, and the effect lasts 2 seconds in PvP. Concentrated breathing speeds up Dodge Cooldown when running at 100%. Grenades and melee attacks recover 25% faster when the guard is badly wounded. Damage resistance on dodging increased by 40% in PvP and 70% in PvE.

Titans with the Code Juggernaut subclass will receive a 25% increase in damage when they activate the Direct Offensive skill, and its duration is increased to 16 seconds. Knockout damage bonus increased by 60%.