In Destiny 2, a class rebalance will begin with the beginning of the “Week of lightning”

Today, April 9, Destiny 2 will host the first event of the Season of the Drifter, which Bungie is calling "Week


What is known

With the start of the event, new tasks will be added to the game,and will bring back the Mayham mode, in which the guards fight for themselves. The developers also promised to return the quest for the Thunder Lord machine gun, which will be available until April 23. In addition, by completing Strikes, players will be able to unlock the Rat King pistol, Hard Light assault rifle, and Prospector grenade launcher, and for participating in Crucible matches there is a chance to receive “SUROS Mode.”

The changes will also affect the Gambit Prime mode. The developers decided to reduce the difficulty, and now killing an enemy will restore only 8% of the primeval’s health.

Class balance

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The main changes will affect classes.Bungie has increased Warlock's Storm Trance damage to 150% over five seconds. Lightning Strike will now chain up to five enemies, and damage has been reduced from 50 to 31 per chain. The rift regeneration bonus has been increased to 600% for each guard, and the duration of the bonus has been increased by 50%.

Hunters with the Path of the Warrior subclass will receive an increaseto melee attack by 60% in PvE and by 22.7% in PvP. Kills heal the Hunter for 40 health and cause recovery. The duration of the Lethal Reach effect has been increased to eight seconds. The distance of the disorienting strike of the Path of the Wind subclass is increased by 50%, and the effect lasts 2 seconds in PvP. Focused Breathing speeds up the cooldown of Evasion while running by 100%. Grenades and melee attack recharge 25% faster when the guard is heavily wounded. Damage resistance when dodging is increased by 40% in PvP and 70% in PvE.

Titans with the Codex Juggernaut subclass will receive a 25% damage increase when activating the Direct Assault skill, and its duration will be increased to 16 seconds. Bonus to Knockout damage increased by 60%.