In Dota 2, a ban on the game in teams with dependent partners

Dota 2 is known as one of the most addictive gamers of the games - many of those who spend their time on it can

in one day, lose both 8 and 10 hours, which obviously cannot be called the norm. It was to combat such fanaticism that the game developers released the next update.

So, Valve changed the function of the commandantiaddiction_test, designed to combat game addiction for gamers. For example, now players will not be able to start a group search if at least one of the team members exceeds the set time limit. Of the smaller amendments, a localization change for the English language can be noted.

Recall that initially this system,associated with the fight against gaming addiction, added back in 2015. So, it was she who added an indicator to the menu that changes color depending on the time spent in the game.