In Europe, an absolute temperature record was recorded - 48.8 ° C

Researchers from Sicily have recorded a temperature record that has never been seen in Europe.

Temperatures rose to 48.8 ° C due to a regional heatwave that will not recede in the next few days. Forecasters do not exclude that the record will be broken during this time.

Scientists noted that the intense heat wavecontinues to attack the Mediterranean and northern Africa. Hot and dry weather has played a large role in creating conditions conducive to devastating wildfires in Turkey and Greece.

Other temperature records, however, not like thatperennials, beaten in Greece, Turkey and Tunisia. However, these were not continental records, the previous maximum temperature in Europe was recorded in 1977 - 48 ° C.

Global warming is generating more warming

In order for the record to be recognized, the committeeThe World Meteorological Organization needs to study the instruments and circumstances of obtaining the data. They should also examine if similar temperatures have been observed nearby. Randy Serveny, a rapporteur for the World Meteorological Organization, noted that the readings are "suspicious, so we will not draw any immediate conclusions."

As detailed in the IPCC Climate Report, anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions are dramatically increasing the risk and severity of heat extremes around the world.

In the summer of 2021, a record heat was observed atthe Pacific Northwest of the United States; and Europe. In the United States, about 170 million people are affected by heat recommendations or extreme heat warnings from the Northwest to the East Coast of the country.

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