The Season of Change has begun in Fortnite with huge robots and time travel

Fortnite: Battle Royale has begun its tenth season, “Time for Change,” and Epic Games has revealed what it has in store

for players.

What to expect from the new season

Players can expect another map change.The new season is dedicated to time travel, so locations that were considered long lost will appear on the island, but they will look different. Moreover, in fracture zones, a character can completely change his appearance.

Fortnite will also add large combat robots that are designed to be controlled by two players - one is responsible for moving, and the other is responsible for shooting missiles.

It won’t do without a battle pass, in whichMore than 100 rewards await gamers, as well as missions presented with thematic tasks. In addition, until August 15, players can gift the Battle Pass to a friend. Limited-time events from the community will be appearing in the creative section of Fortnite, and the first ones will be Beach Fight and Hide and Seek. Save the Storm will also receive a new limited-time mode.

We also remind you that with the update, the PC version of Fortnite will require a video card with support for DirectX 11.