In Fortnite, the “Time for Change” season began with huge robots and time travel.

In Fortnite: Battle Royale began the tenth season called “Time for Change”, and Epic Games told what it did

for the players.

What to expect from the new season

Players waiting for the next map change. The new season is devoted to movements in time, so that locations will appear on the island that were considered long lost, but they will look different. In addition, in the fault zones, the character can change its appearance altogether.

Fortnite will also add large combat robots that are designed to control two players - one responsible for moving and the other for firing rockets.

Not without a combat pass, in whichGamers waiting for more than 100 awards, as well as missions, presented thematic tasks. In addition, until August 15, players can give a combat pass to their friend. In the creative section Fortnite appear temporary events from the community, and the first will be "Beach Battle" and "Hide and Seek." The “battle with the storm” will also receive a new temporary mode.

Also recall that with the upgrade, the PC version of Fortnite will require a video card that supports DirectX 11.