In four years, Chinese factories reduced up to 40% of employees and replaced them with robots.

According to the newspaper, for four years, urban enterprises in the Chinese city of Dongguan have reduced about 280 thousand.

man - they were replaced by 91 thousand robots. In Hangzhou, the rate of replacing people with robots is lower — over the same period, companies in this city reduced 800 people.

Reduced employees are finding it harder to find a megacities, and they are returning to their hometowns, the newspaper notes. At the same time, the pace of automation in the coming years will only grow - in the development strategy of the Chinese economy Made in China 2025 states that the state will encourage companies planning to replace people with robots.

Analysts of the Worldbank. According to them, automation has so far had little impact on jobs around the world, despite gloomy predictions that robots will take away work from people in the near future.

Earlier in the study of the World Economic Forum, it was said that in the next four years the share of work performed by robots will increase from 29 to 42%. And by 2024, this figure will rise to 62%.