In France, electronic devices will be marked with maintainability tags

France will be the first country to exercise this right and some states will follow her


Each label will provide maintainability information on a 10-point scale. The estimate is influenced by ease of disassembly, price and availability of spare parts.

While Apple opposes the rightof consumers to repair electronics themselves because it “could endanger their safety,” the resolution on the right to repair was adopted by 395 votes in favor, 94 votes against and 207 abstentions.

According to a recent survey, 77% of EU residents prefer to repair their devices rather than replace them. In addition, 79% believe that manufacturers owe consumers the repair of devices.

The vote calls on the EU Commission to “develop andintroduce mandatory labeling to provide consumers with clear, immediately visible and easy-to-understand information about the expected lifespan and repair capability of the product at the time of purchase. "

Ugo Vallauri, co-founder of the Restart project, oneof the founders of the European Campaign for the Right to Repair, said: "We hope this will lead to the rapid introduction of a mandatory maintainability index for all electrical and electronic products sold in the EU to help consumers make informed purchases."

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