“Merchants of Ophir” has arrived in Gwent, adding new mechanics, tricks and cards to the game

Although CD Projekt is ending support for GWENT on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it continues to work on add-ons for

iOS and PC versions. So, after Iron Will, gamers will receive the Merchants of Ophir add-on.

What is known

In the new addition, players will meetwith mysterious traders from the exotic land of Ophir. They arrived from overseas lands, shrouded in a veil of mystery, and brought goods that caused both delight and horror. Together with them, the Ophirians will bring more than 70 new cards, including 11 neutral ones.

Merchants of Ophir will also be added to GWENTstrategic techniques. According to the developers, players will be able to choose one of 12 cards for their deck, which will provide a “unique bonus” every time the player makes the first move in a match.

There will also be new mechanics that CD Projektnicknamed "scripts". Artifact cards have been added to Gwent, the abilities of which are triggered when certain conditions are met. Thus, the Northern Kingdom card “Siege” makes it possible to first create a Reinforced Trebuchet, then a Ram, and finally create and play a Bombardment. In this map, each new stage, called a “chapter,” is unlocked when the user plays a siege weapon.

“Merchants of Ophir” has already reached iOS and PC. By starting the game before December 16th, players will receive a free keg of Merchants of Ophir with five cards from the expansion.

CD Projekt also sells the Deal in Ophir Bundle, which includes:

  • 10 premium barrels of “Merchants of Ophir”
  • Premium "Merchants of Ophir" shirt
  • The appearance of the leader "Ghost" for the faction "Monsters"

In addition to the “Deal in Ophir” set, the “Caravan Raid” will also appear, the owners of which will immediately have access to all 12 premium cards of strategic techniques.

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