In Hong Kong, resellers sell Samsung Galaxy Fold 2.5 times the official price

South Korea was the first country to officially receive the Galaxy Fold, limited release will be released on September 18

batch in the global market. However, Hong Kong resellers have already begun selling the device in the gray market, but much more expensive.

Astronomical prices

The official price tag of Galaxy Fold in South Koreais $ 2011. Given that in the first batch there were only 1000-2000 smartphones, it is almost impossible to get Samsung Galaxy Fold without being in South Korea. But resellers from Hong Kong managed to buy several units from the first batch and sell them for $ 4856, which is 2.5 times more expensive.

And yet there were people who wanted to get the new product as early as possible, even for that kind of money. Moreover, Galaxy Fold is a unique device in its segment and so far has no competitors.