In India, children are forbidden to play PUBG

Police in the Indian state of Gujarat have begun arresting underage PUBG players. According to

authorities, the game influenced the growth of aggressive behavior among young people.

What happened

Last week, authorities in the state of Gujaratestablished a ban for minors on the well-known game PUBG. The police believe that battle royale has a negative impact on children’s behavior and interferes with the learning and development process. They have already detained 10 teenagers for violating the ban, but they were later released with a warning. Local media reported that the students were highly engrossed in the game and did not even notice the police approaching them.

The new rules were adopted after the words of the Prime MinisterNarendra Modi on problems. who create PUBG and Fortnite. Interestingly, the ban did not affect the second game and teenagers can safely play it without fear of a visit from the police.

Let us remember that in January of this year, Indian activists already spoke out against PUBG Mobile.