In March, Ubisoft will seriously update Ghost Recon Breakpoint: more tactics and freedom for players

Ubisoft has announced a new mode for Ghost Recon Breakpoint, which will be a lifeline for the game and is called

return the interest of gamers.

What is known

Just note that the game has remained a classicmode. If you liked the original Ghost Recon Breakpoint, then you can play by the old rules - with equipment levels and loot ranks. For the "hardcore players", the developers have added "Deep Immersion", in which there are no similar RPG elements.

Ubisoft also added “My Game Style” towhich players can customize the complexity of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint. So, there will be no ranks and equipment level. By turning on the “Realistic Trophies” option, the player will not be able to pick up equipment from fallen enemies, but they are allowed to grab their weapons. Body armor, boots, etc. will be available in chests and as a reward for missions.

Players can also limit themselves in terms ofweapons. For example, use 1 or 2 types of main weapon. They added the option of “realistic reloading”, when, when changing the store, the player loses unused cartridges in the previous one.

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Other tactical options:

  • Stamina Level: Adjusts the speed at which stamina is consumed.
  • Wound Frequency: Adjust the frequency of injuries caused by enemy bullets.
  • Health Recovery: Limit, disable, or enhance health recovery.
  • New interface options: New options for customizing the interface to your liking.
  • Closed mode: In Edgin, there are only story characters and partners.

Ubisoft notes that user preferences do not apply to teammates in a joint game. So each member of the squad can play with their own level of difficulty and limitations.

Two add-ons of difficulty levels will appear. The difficulty level of “enemies” affects the speed of detection, the damage done to the “Ghost” by enemy shots, and the tactics of opponents. The level of complexity "tactics" determines realism: the number of cells of the main weapon, the stock of bandages, the frequency of injuries, and so on.

An update with Real Ghost mode will be released March 24 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Source: Ubisoft

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