In order not to get lost in the flow of messages: WhatsApp will have a new useful feature

If you constantly communicate on WhatsApp with a large number of people, sooner or later in chats you may experience

mess: some new messages get lost. It turned out that the messenger is working on a function that will allow us to understand this. Discuss

WhatsApp has reportedly released a beta versionapplications for iOS and Android with the ability to filter messages by "Unread". This useful feature has appeared in WhatsApp business accounts since January. It looks like the messenger is now working on making it part of the service for all accounts.

The screenshot above shows how it will beto look like. The filter button is located next to the search bar. When you click on it, the application will automatically change the way it displays a list of all your chats, making it easier to detect unread messages. Also, if the filter is enabled and you use the search bar, WhatsApp will only display unread messages as results.

More beta testers will get this feature in the coming weeks. After the testing process is completed, the option will appear for all users.