In Russia, artificial intelligence was taught to detect lung cancer at an early stage

Russian doctors, together with specialists from the SberMedII company, which is part of the Sberbank ecosystem, trained

artificial intelligence for early recognition of lung cancer. AI algorithms are able to detect the smallest growths and help doctors make decisions.

Lung cancer is one of the most aggressive and widespread malignant tumors in the world, as well as the most common cause of death among oncological pathologies.

Russian specialists have improvedalgorithms of the "CT of the lungs" service, which is already operating in 30 clinics in 19 regions of Russia for the diagnosis of viral pneumonia, including COVID-19. Now, with the help of the service, doctors will be able to find minimal nodular neoplasms in the lungs and determine their quality. If necessary, the algorithm will highlight all potentially dangerous areas associated with the found neoplasm.

To do this, the AI ​​takes into account the size of the neoplasms, andif at least one of them exceeds the threshold value of 4 mm, then the service highlights all detected nodular neoplasms, regardless of their size, thereby outlining the doctor's area of ​​distribution of potentially dangerous cells, which must be paid attention to when analyzing and deciding on further actions.

AI service "CT of lungs" was trained on the basis of 12thousands of anonymized images from open sources of medical data. Radiologists manually marked up all the images and, on their basis, trained artificial intelligence algorithms to identify neoplasms and develop a solution that is optimal for a particular situation.

The "CT of the lungs" service has shown its effectiveness in examining the lungs for the consequences of the coronavirus, so its use for the detection of oncology is quite logical and logical.

"Connecting" CT of Lungs "to the search for signsoncological diseases can improve the quality of medical care, and timely diagnosis can save the lives of many people, ”said Yury Krestinsky, Vice President, Head of the Healthcare Industry of Sberbank.

Source: Sberbank