In Russia, came up with a "superphone"

The Russian company Caviar has created the concept of a “phone of the future.” In it, the authors developed technologies that

appeared in commercial models only this year.

The creators of the concept believe that such will be the device in the 2020s. The name was given to him correspondingly - Overphone (Russian - “Superphone”).

The device consists of two independent screens,which can work both in pairs and separately. Several devices can even be combined into one large one to create a huge device. In addition, the authors of the concept predicted the emergence of flexible batteries, thanks to which smartphones can be given any shape.

The body of the “phone of the future” will be completely personalized, and the device will be able to charge from alternative energy sources, such as the sun.

Of course, this is just the imagination of the authors, but to some it may seem interesting.