In Russia, instead of paper documents, electronic "State documents" will appear

The development of the application is envisaged by the project "Digital Citizen Profile" (CPG), for the development of which

the working group "National Innovation System" is in charge. The application is planned to be called "State Documents".

First of all, they plan to replace:

  • SNILS,
  • compulsory medical insurance policy,
  • TIN,
  • driver's license.

According to the authors of the project, if only a passport is left to physical citizens, this will save up to 5 billion rubles annually.

Now about this amount is spent every year on the production of paper and plastic documents. Thus, the estimated costs of developing the application - 1.3 billion rubles - will quickly pay off.

The passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation will not be included in the "Gosdoki". To present this document in digital form, a separate application will be developed next year - an electronic passport.

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