In Russia, it was proposed to cancel the secrecy of correspondence and conversations on the phone

In Russia, it was proposed to abolish the secrecy of correspondence and telephone conversations. So, employees of the Ministry of Economy

put forward an initiative with a temporarythe abolition in the country of the rights to privacy of correspondence, telephone conversations, as well as medical secrecy, as an experiment. In addition, Russia can also revoke the mandatory written permission to process personal data.

To date, the Ministry of Economy has already developedthe relevant bill. The ministry also noted that the rights of citizens to protect personal data impede the development of digital achievements in Russia, including the development of an artificial intelligence system. The authors also identified the goals of this initiative. For example, the proposal to abolish the right to medical secrecy is due to the development of the National Medical Knowledge Base project, as well as the Innopraktika Foundation, within which artificial intelligence is used to make a diagnosis, analyze the patient's condition, and determine therapy.

At the same time, cancel the privacy of correspondence andphone calls were offered in the big data associations, which in this way will be able to form banking, subscriber and other data, which will allow giving certain advice to entrepreneurs related to the field of activity, place of work and others. It is noted that the bill, which implies the abolition of the secrecy of correspondence and telephone conversations, is currently at the stage of approval, in the near future it may be approved by the State Duma.