In Russia, named companies that will replace Apple and other brands

President of the Russian-Asian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RASPP) Vitaly Mankevich said,

what, in his opinion, companies can replace brands on the Russian market that left in protest against the actions of the Russian authorities in Ukraine. Discuss

According to MK, 58% left the Russian marketWestern companies from different business areas. Mankiewicz says Indian apparel makers Killer Jeans and home furnishings supplier Maspar could be the first to enter the domestic market. And in Volgograd, in early July, instead of the Italian Benetton, the Indian discounter Nagesh will open.

Mankiewicz also said that Apple's place in Russiamay take ZTE, Xiaomi, BBK Electronics. Western cars will replace Chinese brands. Iran itself, which is under heavy sanctions, is also said to become a partner of Russia.