In Russia showed a robot dog with a grenade launcher

At the Army-2022 forum, a sample of the M-81 robotic system was demonstrated. Outwardly, it looks like

robot dog Boston Dynamics. Discuss

At the forum, the M-81 was shown with an attached grenade launcher. It is alleged that he can conduct aimed fire and transport weapons.

The robot dog, according to the Russian media, has collectedengineering company JSC "Intellect Machine". Representatives of the company said that the robot can operate in the emergency zone for reconnaissance, passage through the rubble, and delivery of medicines. In addition to civilian, it can also perform military tasks.

Interestingly, the robops on the forum were dressed infabric cover, so no one could see his true appearance. Some users noted the similarity of the M-81 with similar robots that are on sale. Foreign journalists, based on the resemblance, suggested that a $2,700 Unitree Go1 could have been used.