In Russia, smartphones and tablets will appear on the new domestic OS Astra Linux

Astra Linux will be installed on the MIG C55AL smartphone with a screen diagonal of 5.5 inches and two models of industrial tablets

class - MIG T8AL and MIG T10AL with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of permanent memory. Mobile Inform Group also plans to produce these devices.

OS Astra Linux has already received a certificate of the Ministry of Defense, FSTEC and the FSB and provides data processing "special importance."

They will have a large price range. On average, they will cost as good phones on Android. We plan to sell tens of thousands of devices in the near future.

CEO of Mobile Inform Group Konstantin Mantsvetov

At the same time, previously only Astra worked on Astra Linuxworking servers, stations and laptops. The company expects that customers of smartphones on Astra Linux will be government services, security forces and mining companies.

Recently it became known that on smartphones Huaweimay appear the Russian operating system "Aurora" instead of Android. Now "Aurora" is the only Russian operating system that runs on smartphones and is included in a special registry of the Ministry of Communications.