In Russia, talked about the possibility of an accidental start of a nuclear war

Strategic Missile Forces Veteran, Member of the Presidium of “Officers of Russia” Yuri Chmutin

told reporters whether unauthorized actions are possible in the missile forces control system. In other words, can a nuclear war begin by chance.

Chmutin said that from a technical point of viewsafety is ensured efficiently. And this is true both for Russia and for other countries. The veteran noted that serious protection is provided even in the event of natural disasters. And no hackers can give the order to launch rockets.

“None of the strangers has access and will not be able to pick up the key-cipher,” the interlocutor summed up.

"Press the button" will not work anda soldier in a responsible post in case of sudden insanity. The control system provides for the centralized execution of orders and commands along the chain. Until one stage is passed, it is impossible to go to another. In fact, rockets are a collective weapon.

Decision on nuclear strike takesonly the Supreme Commander, that is, the president of Russia. Therefore, the main thing is that politicians with access to the “button” do not forget about the huge personal responsibility.