In Russia, they came up with a way to replace CCTV cameras with Wi-Fi technology

St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" has developed a radar system based on Wi-Fi. It will allow you to accurately locate objects in

places where it is impossible to use security cameras. Discuss

Bad weather can interfere with the cameras,insufficient lighting, etc. A first-year master's student at the Faculty of Radio Engineering and Telecommunications of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI" found a way to solve the problem. She suggests using Wi-Fi signals.

“The main idea of ​​the project is thata moving target affects the communication channel of the Wi-Fi signal in terms of Doppler frequency shift, signal propagation paths and attenuation,” the student explained.

In the Wi-Fi system she developed, the router emits a reference signal, which is then processed. This technology is devoid of the disadvantages of conventional cameras.