In Russia, they learned how to print three-dimensional magnets. They can be used in space

Researchers from Russia have come up with a way to 3D print unique magnets, magnetic systems and

soft magnetic elements.These samples can be used in almost any scientific and technical field - from medicine to space. The scientists note that they could be useful in creating robotic surgeons that can help doctors clean arteries or veins. Researchers are still deciding which products they will start producing first.

“They can be used in submarines, onspace stations, on ships, that is, where there are very strong temperature drops and special requirements are imposed on magnets in terms of stability of properties. Another type of magnet is commonly used in smartphones, hard drives, and car engine sensors. For example, such magnets are installed in the latest generation Tesla electric motors, ”notes Aleksey Volegov, Associate Professor of the Department of Magnetism and Magnetic Nanomaterials of the UrFU.

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First, engineers will present the development insmall size. They will be produced on a single printer that suits their needs. The researchers note that there are very few printers that can print from metal powders and have open settings for printing parameters. They are usually used in scientific organizations.

However, the samples are not yet ready and requirepost-processing. Scientists in the future want to automate this process and teach devices to work with specific powders and print ready-made samples. They will work on this from six months to several years.

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