In Russia, they will teach how to solve problems of the financial market using quantum technologies

Fintech Hub of the Bank of Russia and the Russian Quantum Center launch an intensive course to train financiers,

mastering the basics of quantum technologies. Students of Russian universities and financial specialists can apply for participation until September 25 at the link.

Training will take place in a hybrid format:The first part is remote and will be available to everyone. It will run from September 26 to October 3, 2022. At this stage, the experts will tell the participants about what fintech is, how the payment infrastructure and financial services work. In addition, the organizers will talk about what solutions based on quantum computing, cryptography and networks already exist and how they work.

The organizers report that the course does not require special knowledge of quantum physics. It is enough for all participants to have a basic understanding of IT and be able to analyze information.

After the completion of the first stage, the organizers10 participants with the best results will be selected. They will form two teams that will work on their own research projects. Participants will present the results on October 21, 2022.

Along with specialists from the Fintech Hub and the RussianQuantum Center participation in the project is used by companies working in the field of fintech and quantum technologies. Among them are leading employees of QRate quantum cryptography hardware, QApp cybersecurity solutions, QBoard cloud quantum computing platform, and QSpace satellite and atmospheric quantum key distribution systems.

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