In Russia, they will try to introduce contactless payment via NFC on the seller’s smartphone

Over the past few months in Russia, it has become much more difficult to pay for purchases using NFC on a smartphone.

This problem is especially acute for iPhone owners. Discuss

To improve the situation, NSPK, together with banks, decided to introduce the NFC payment method in the country in the Fast Payment System (FPS).

It is planned that the scheme will be as follows:the seller will use a smartphone with SoftPOS technology, after which the client will only need to touch the seller's device with his smartphone to make a payment.

However, it is worth noting that in order to pay by this method, the user will need to install the SBPey application.

But in this case, contactless payment will be available not only to Android users, but also to iOS lovers.

It is reported that Delobank was the first to test such functionality. Now VTB and RNKB are planning to join it.