In Sony reorganization: the company closes the mobile unit

Just a few days ago, Sony announced the closure of a smartphone production plant in China, but promised

that the mobile division will neither be sold nor closed. And now it has become known that the company will close it after all.

What will change

Formally, the unit is being closed, but from releaseSony is not giving up on smartphones. They just started a restructuring here: from April 1, the independent divisions of Imaging Products & Solutions (IP&S), Home Entertainment & Sound (HE&S) and Mobile Communications (MC) will cease to exist and merge into a single division, Electronics Products & Solutions (EP&S). Thus, the new division will deal with smartphones, cameras, TVs and acoustics.

It will be headed by Shigeki Ishizuka,current head of the Storage Media division. The latter, by the way, he is not going to leave - he will simply combine two positions. Ichiro Takagi, the current head of the reorganized HE&S division, was appointed his deputy.

What for?

It's no secret that some divisions of Sonyincluding mobile, are unprofitable. Others, on the contrary, bring good profits and cover the losses of their “colleagues”. Apparently, the reorganization is being carried out in order to hide the disadvantages of Mobile Communications and improve its financial statements.