In Switzerland, the "IT-army" of Ukraine was considered dangerous in the future

Senior Research Fellow, Cyber ​​Defense Project at Risk and Resilience, Center for Research

security issues of the Swiss HigherStefan Soesanto of the Zurich Technical School published a report according to which the "IT-army" of Ukraine raises concerns, as in the future it can be used in information and cyber wars. Discuss

According to Soesanto, staff members of thisorganizations, most likely, employees of the defense and intelligence services of Ukraine. The idea of ​​creating such a structural unit appeared in Ukraine several years before the Russian special operation. This idea originated in government circles as a need to create a "cyber volunteer" army.

According to the researcher, this "cyberarmy"was created spontaneously, without any clear planning. And at the moment it is a hybrid design, "which is neither civilian, nor military, nor state."

At the same time, the specialist is sure that neither NATO nor the EU completely underestimate this organization.

“There was an opinion that the IT army is a tool,which allows the government of Ukraine to use volunteers from all over the world. From inside information, it follows that the IT army is full-time employees who seem to have deep connections or for the most part consist of employees of the defense and intelligence services of Ukraine, ”said Stefan Soesanto.