In the footsteps of Galaxy Note 7: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone burned out after 3 years of operation

In India, there was another case of spontaneous combustion of Samsung smartphones.

What happened

It happened at the end

December with 52-year-old Sima Agarwal. According to the woman, her smartphone Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which she bought back in 2016, suddenly caught fire.

Sima felt that the gadget was very hot and carried it on the porch. At that moment he exploded.

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The woman claims that she always used only original cables and a charger for a smartphone. Moreover, before the fire, he did not charge.

Sima then contacted a Samsung service center, however, they said that the incident was related to external temperature exposure.

“According to the final conclusion, the cause of the fire of the telephone / battery was that an external fire / heat source damaged the telephone / battery”

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The Agarwal family does not agree with this and intends to sue Samsung.

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