In the footsteps of Netflix: YouTube is preparing an interactive series

In an interview with Bloomberg, YouTube’s head of Originals Susanne Daniels spoke about the company's plans.

for the current year. It turned out that the YouTube team is now working on an interactive TV show, where users will have the opportunity to influence the plot.

New trend

The unit will be headed by Ben Relles (Ben Relles),former director of Comedy in YouTube Originals. The creators of the project are silent about the details of the project, they only said that its announcement would take place very soon. If we take into account how powerful the tool, in the face of video hosting, is in the hands of the authors - we can say with confidence that we are potentially the most ambitious project in its genre. Apparently, this way Youtube is trying to draw attention to its premium premium YouTube subscription, which probably will provide access to the show.

Interactive stories are becoming more and more popular, especially in the USA. Earlier, the American supermarket chain Wallmart invested $ 250 million in the creation of a similar television show.