A photo of a new Apex Legends hero from a closed EA presentation was leaked online

GameStop employees are bad at keeping secrets, thanks to which a new leak has appeared on the Internet, which is now

concerns Apex Legends.

What is known

In addition to Sony, at the GameStop Managers ConferenceElectronic Arts arrived and showed a new hero for Apex legends. Data miners had already learned that the character’s name was Crypto, and on stage the audience was shown his appearance.

If you believe the leaks, then the new legend will havea drone that can collect emblems of fallen friends, open doors, and even scout the area. A special ability will be an energy blast that disables traps, deals damage to shields, and slows down enemies within its radius.

Gibraltar's Halloween skin also appeared on screen, hinting at the launch of the themed season. They also showed a new rifle there.

Crypto, new weapons and a skin for Gibraltar will appear in the game with the launch of the third season. Respawn has not yet announced a start date, but gamers are gearing up for October.