In the new trailer, GreedFall showed variability, action of the battle with a pause and monsters

Spiders developers showcased the new gameplay video for GreedFall, their new role-playing game.

What is known

Players have already been told about languages, factions andrelations, and now gamers introduced to the basic game mechanics. GreedFall battles take place in real time using melee weapons, firearms and magic. Naturally, players will be able to improve their abilities and equipment, including armor.

At the same time, developers added tacticala pause that has already become commonplace for classic RPGs like Pillars of Eternity. Such mechanics will help the player to think, choose a spell and attack the enemy in advance.

Players are also waiting for non-linearity. One mission can be accomplished in several ways: attack the enemy with screams and without regret, get around from the flank and penetrate the place you need quietly, or negotiate with enemies. In addition, GreedFall has partners that you can take with you to explore the world.

Recall that GreedFall will be released on September 10 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

The same gameplay video: