In the Pocophone F1 smartphone with the update MIUI added a separate application Game Turbo

Xiaomi recently added Game Turbo graphics acceleration to the Pocophone F1 smartphone, and now developers are in

A new software update has improved it.

What is known

Previously, the Game Turbo mode was implemented onsystem level with settings in the "Security" section. Now this is a separate application with many new features. It received a black and yellow interface with vertically positioned game cards.

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From innovations - users can nowrecord screen, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile communication, unload programs from RAM and all this during the game. Also, the developers have updated the settings and added the ability to open WhatsApp and file manager in separate windows.

When to expect

According to the source, the updated Game Turbo was found in the latest version of MIUI Global Beta. When the application appears in a stable firmware is unknown.

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