In the United States began to physically remove equipment Huawei and ZTE

FCC Announces Hardware Replacement Cost Recovery Program

Huawei and ZTE. US telecoms can now receive a subsidy to remove Chinese equipment from their networks.

What is known

The subsidy will not be available to everyone.To use the program, a telecommunications company must have at least 10 million subscribers. In addition, funds will be allocated to replace equipment manufactured before June 30, 2020. Dismantling takes about a year from the date of receipt of funds.

However, not all operators are sure thatwill be able to dismantle equipment from Chinese manufacturers and install a new one within the specified time frame. Under US law, companies will have to find contractors with industrial shredders to recycle Huawei and ZTE devices. Reported by John Nettles, President of Pine Belt Communication Inc.

He also noted that the operators will not be able to hand over the equipment of Chinese companies for recycling before they receive analogues from Nokia and Ericsson.

Source Bloomberg

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