In the United States doubted the possibility of Russians flying to the moon

ArsTechnica experts said that the appearance of Russians on the moon seems unlikely. At least in those

the dates that Russia itself designated, that is, by 2030.

The authors of the material write that Russia is stillhopes for a crew landing on the moon by 2030. But it seems very fantastic. The fact is that the implementation of the lunar program in the country is constantly delayed.

For example, the Russian ship "Eagle" is already being createdover the past 15 years, according to experts. And the first flight of the Yenisei superheavy rocket, which will have to launch the ship into space, is scheduled for 2028 only.

Previously, the ship project was already criticized in Russia. Recall, it has recently become known that Roscosmos in 2021 will allocate more than eight billion rubles for the production of Orel.