In the United States, they spoke about the vulnerability of NATO to the Russian Iskanders

19FortyFive military publication expert Wesley Culp explained why the Russian operational-tactical missile

the 9K720 Iskander complex is of concern to NATO. And by virtue of which the alliance is vulnerable to these Russian weapons. Discuss

OTRK "Iskander" is designed to destroy the air defense and anti-missile defense of the enemy, as well as other important objects. The development of the complex began in 1988, the first test took place in 1996.

As Culp writes, the Iskanders are still the mostmodern missile systems for launching ballistic and cruise missiles. It is noted that the 9P78 launcher with a crew of three can carry two missiles.

"Iskander" can launch quasi-ballistic9M723 missiles with a range of 500 km. At the same time, the circular probable deviation of the ammunition using the homing head does not exceed five meters. The missile can carry a warhead weighing up to 700 kg. The complex can also use R-500 cruise missiles.