In the United States, they talked about Russian frigates with Zircon missiles

The American publication 19FortyFive spoke about the Russian frigates of project 22350 of the Admiral Gorshkov type, capable of

carry modern weapons, including hypersonic missiles, and which should become the basis of the future Russian Navy. Discuss

The authors noted that the frigates "Admiral Gorshkov"equipped with UKKS cells - the 3S14 universal shipborne firing system, which is compatible with the Zircon, Onyx, Caliber-NK and 3M22 missiles. All these munitions were tested on the Admiral Gorshkov frigate. Reportedly, 3M22 missiles can fly at speeds in excess of Mach 8.

But Russian frigates are alarming Americanexperts not only with their main weapons, but also with other weapons, as well as the new Naval Doctrine, approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Due to the fact that the document refers to the desire for US dominance as a threat, the authors believe that Russian frigates are a reflection of this concept in the future.

The ships received the Polyment-Redut air defense system,anti-submarine complex "Medvedka-2", artillery systems A-192M caliber 130 mm and anti-aircraft missile and artillery system "Broadsword". The ship's air group includes the Ka-27 helicopter. The cruising range of Project 22350 frigates is 4,500 nautical miles.

“Despite the fact that Admiral Gorshkov and hissister ships do not have a special range compared to similar Western ships, they are designed to fit into the intended long-range future of the Russian navy, regardless of the financial and logistical difficulties that will challenge its future development, ”the authors of the article said. .