In the US, tested the engine for hypersonic missiles

Today, a Pentagon spokesman acknowledged the US lag in developing hypersonic weapons. However recently

Air Force Research LaboratoryForces (Air Force) The United States conducted bench tests of the engine of the hypersonic rocket X-60A at the Cecil spaceport in Jacksonville, Florida. True, this development is allegedly not intended for military purposes.

This rocket is being developed by Generation Orbit Launch Services. During the tests, experts checked the operation of the liquid engine at various powers and directions of the thrust vector.

X-60A, as journalists write, should reachspeeds of five to eight Mach numbers. The military plans to use the rocket for suborbital research. That is, the X-60A will perform scientific tasks, not military ones.

Recall that in the USA they said that they had previously sufferedfailure in the development of hypersonic weapons and therefore now lag behind other powers, in particular from Russia. The latter already has at its disposal a missile regiment armed with a strategic complex with the Avangard hypersonic warhead.