In the USA, a new tool for cyberwarfare was invented - the Next Generation radio signal jammer

Cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum are inextricably linked, but sometimes this leads to controversy about

why cyberspace is considered an area of ​​war, but the electromagnetic spectrum is not.

“Now that we can create phasedantenna arrays and advanced signal suppression techniques, we are truly beginning to blur the lines between what we would consider traditional jamming and cyber warfare, ”said Rear Admiral John Meyer, Commander of the Atlantic Naval Forces. “I think that the capabilities of the new muffler will open up a wide range of not only suppression methods, range, effective radiated power, but also take us to other areas that we never had the opportunity to implement.”

In his speech, Meyer announced a mufflerNext Generation, the main airborne electronic attack platform for the Navy, to be installed on the EA-18G Growlers aircraft. It is broken down into three modules, covering three parts of the electromagnetic spectrum: medium, low, and high.

Cyberspace using radio frequencies“Is becoming an increasingly important component of our cyber operations because more and more of our adversaries are getting smarter and connecting their systems to wired networks that are either firewall-protected or independent of the internet, so they are not easily accessible. This is primarily about Russia and China, ”said Brian Clarke, Senior Research Fellow and Director of the Center for Defense Concepts and Technologies at the Hudson Institute. "They move a lot of equipment onto wired networks, so there is a lot of interest in new and innovative ways to penetrate adversary networks, such as the radar system that is used to transmit information to their combat system, the jammer for electronic warfare."

The US Army has experimented in this area andcreated new tactical cyber units for ground operations using radio frequencies. For example, during the exercise, the service used radio frequency techniques to gain access to security cameras in cities ahead of a planned operation.

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