In Unicode 10 2017, 51 new emojis will appear; including vampire, butter pretzel, sandwich and many other characters

Today, the Unicode Consortium proposed a list of emoji to be included in Unicode 10 in the 2017 set. Apple is usually quick to respond

and adds support for new emoji once the new list is approved, so we may see some of the proposed emoji appear in iOS.

In total, the Consortium proposed 51 emoji.Following the trends and popularity, the new emoji list includes vampire, zombie, genie, sandwich, broccoli, I love you gesture, flying saucer, coconut, and many other characters. Fulla list of proposed emoji characters can be found at this link.

Consortium also suggested modifying some of the existing emojis, including proposals to add a new emoji: an orange heart.

Unicode 10.0 will be released in mid-2017, so the final version of the new emojis will be agreed by now. It is very likely that Apple will add these new emojis in iOS with the release of iOS 11.1 or 11.2 a bit later this year. Recently, Apple added Unicode 9 support in the test build of iOS 10.2 beta, which includes such emojis as: selfie, facespalm, fox, bacon and many others.