In Viber, you can now order a "local" number of another country: how much it costs and how to use

Viber messenger announced the launch of a new service - “Local Viber Number” (Viber Local Number) that will always help you

stay connected in the rest of the world.

What it is

The new service is useful for travelers and peoplewho are often abroad for work or school. In Viber, you can subscribe to a “local” number and call from it or send messages at “home” rates. Incoming calls and messages will be forwarded to the instant messenger.

That is, if your relatives or friends do not haveViber - they will still be able to communicate by local number. Well, you can easily reserve a table in a restaurant or book a hotel room even in a foreign country.

How to connect

You can order such a number in the “More” menu by selecting“Local Viber Number”. Now the service is available only in United Kingdom, the United States and Canada, but the company promises to connect other countries in the near future. The number of calls and messages to the "local" number is unlimited.

How much is

The service costs $ 4.99 (139.99 hryvnia) per month, but the first 10 thousand subscribers can connect much cheaper - for $ 1.99 (54.99 hryvnia). Subscription can be canceled at any time.