InCharge 6 - the Swiss knife in the world of cables

The Swiss team at Rolling Square came up with something as simple as genius - the InCharge 6 portable cable.

is a small cable with as many as 6 connectors. This allows you to carry only an item the size of a lighter while still being able to charge all your devices.

What is in it?

There are four different interfaces in InCharge: USB, USB-C, Lightning, MicroUSB. They can be used in the following combinations: USB to USB-C, USB to MicroUSBLighning, USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to LightningMicroUSB. This set is quite enough for the everyday needs of almost any person. The cable can not only charge devices, but also synchronize and even transfer charge from one device to many others.

The developers not only thought about the idea: implementation also did not disappoint. The case is made of zinc-aluminum alloy, and the wire itself is protected by TPU, which does not allow the cable to bend and damage copper conductors. InCharge 6 halves are held on magnets, which allows you to mount it even on a key ring. We also did not forget about the elongated version of the cable. InCharge 6Max with a wire of 1.5 meters costs only $ 9 more than the basic version.

How much is?

Unlike many other crowdfunding products, InCharge 6 is already being produced, which allows everyone to get it. At the moment, they are asking for him 1,277 rubles.