Increased antibiotic resistance will lead to 10 million deaths annually

Today, more than 700 thousand people die worldwide due to microbial resistance to antibiotics.

people every year, and by 2050 this figure will increase 15 times.

According to the deputy head of the FederalConsumer rights and welfare services of Vyacheslav Smolensky, antibiotic resistance of bacteria appears mainly due to their uncontrolled use, especially in the areas of health, veterinary medicine and agriculture.

Spread of antimicrobial resistanceis one of the most acute problems of our time. Over the past 20 years, this problem has become particularly relevant in countries with a developed health care system and intensive agriculture. A long period of virtually uncontrolled use of antibiotics in health, veterinary medicine and agriculture has led to the spread of microorganisms with genetic features that determine drug resistance. According to international experts, more than 700 thousand deaths in the world per year are associated with antimicrobial resistance.

Vyacheslav Smolensky

Recently scientists from Rice University in theira new study stated that doctors need to change their approach to prescribing antibiotics, since their massive use can lead to the emergence of hybrid resistant (resistant) bacteria.