Independence is close: Huawei will acquire alternatives to Google services in December

The trade war between the US and China has negatively impacted Huawei. Still, the sanctions did not weaken the company so much,

how many were forced to work harder on their own services.

This is the way

According to the Economic Times, Huawei has made friendswith developers from India to create analogues of Google applications. Due to sanctions, the company had to release the Mate 30 Pro without the services of the “search giant” and subsequent models may also become victims of the “war”. In China, Google applications do not play a big role for consumers, but outside the Celestial Empire they are actively used.

According to Charles Pan, CEOHuawei and Honor India, the company is trying to create its own app ecosystem. Huawei Media Services will include utilities for navigation, payment, gaming and even communication.

“We have our own HMS and we are tryingcreate a mobile ecosystem. Most of the key applications such as navigation, payment, gaming and messaging will be ready by the end of December,” Pang said.


Huawei is currently negotiating with developersapplications that are in the top 150 in India. The company expects them to connect to an extension of the Huawei App Gallery library, an analogue of Google Play. In addition, Huawei plans to invest $1 billion to create its own services, involving other developers.

“In each country, we will focus on bringing the best 100-150 apps to customers through HMS,” the CEO said.

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