Indian astronomers have found a galaxy that was hiding in the background of bright objects

A group of Indian astrophysicists have discovered the galaxy UVIT J2022, which has so far gone unnoticed on

against the background of the larger and brighter galaxy NGC 6902A.An analysis of UVIT J2022 shows that the formation of new stars continues in it. The distance to the new galaxy is about 136 million light years.

Source: Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore

When studying NGC 6902A, scientists noticed a diffuseblue light in the outer region of the galaxy. The analysis showed that the source of radiation was hot and massive blue stars of the OB type, which do not live long.

The researchers measured the distance beforeknown galaxy NGC6902A and new star formation regions based on the emission spectrum. They found that the discovered objects are about 136 million light-years away, while NGC 6902A is about 825 million light-years away.

Galaxy UVIT J2022 has a lowa surface brightness that is at least ten times fainter than the surrounding night sky. This is what made it difficult to detect earlier. Researchers believe that such weak, unknown to us galaxies can account for up to 15% of the mass of the universe.

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