Indian border guards will be armed with an electric trident

The media reported that Apasteron, commissioned by the Indian Border Security Force, developed a rather strange

weapon. They want to equip the military with an electric trident, a mace and gloves.

The network even published a video in whichdemonstrates the work of the weapon. Sparks appear in the trident and gloves. In hand-to-hand combat, the latter could become the trump card. In general, all these types of weapons perform the function of a stun gun. They are designed to "temporarily disable the enemy" in the event of "violent clashes". Unfortunately, the characteristics of the weapon were not disclosed. The discharge power is not known, but should temporarily disable a healthy and prepared person.

It is noted that the Indian border guards are thinkingabout such weapons after a hand-to-hand conflict with the Chinese military in Ladakh in June 2020. Then the Indian side lost 20 people, and 76 were injured.