Indian iPhones are shipped to the European market

Some rough edges and outright economic wars between China and the United States have made adjustments to the

Apple's business model.Part of the production was moved to India, and this initiative seems to be bearing fruit.A new report from the company shows that Apple has started exporting new iPhones to the European market.

Made in India

Initially, the company began productionsmartphones in this country to sell products exclusively in India, it helped to avoid import duties, making the smartphone more attractive in price, and in general, for the greater attractiveness of its products where brands from the Middle Kingdom dominate. Now, everything suggests that the company is quite satisfied with the build quality of the iPhone, which are produced in Indian enterprises. The report says that new models (as well as running gears) that were produced in India began to be supplied to the world market, in particular, to a number of European countries. And sent to Europe. According to the report, more than seventy percent of all production at Bangalore’s facilities is exported outside India.

Deliveries of smartphones to Europe inmainly include models 6s and seventh version. Yes, this is undoubtedly a great start, but the batches do not exceed 100 thousand units. And if you remember that a company sells more than a million smartphones worldwide in a week, it turns out that the level of exports is still miserable. However, the report indicates that export operations began quite recently, and while the process of reformatting supply chains is underway. In the future, Apple intends to make India the main center of production.

Business loves stability

A month ago, there was information thatThe technology giant from Cupertino has begun the process of restructuring its business and redirecting supply chains. This is due to the instability of US relations with the Middle Kingdom. The company plans to transfer more than a third of all its production facilities, which are now located in China. Today, India offers the same advantages for hosting production as the Celestial. And the main advantage is inexpensive, but skilled labor. And given the fact that the Government of India is now strongly encouraging production in their territory, there are much more advantages here than in China.

There is also information that the Cupertini didan application to its partners for the production of smartphones of the 2019 generation on Indian capacities. Apparently, there is a request for new models that are not made in China. And this will be a serious step towards the transfer of production, since in India mostly smartphones of previous generations are assembled. One of the contract partners of Foxconn intends to produce a batch of a quarter million iPhone 11 units in this country. About eighty percent of this batch will be exported to the markets of other countries.