Indiana Jones Returns to Adventure in New Game From Wolfenstein & Todd Howard

Lucasfilm Games has only returned a couple of days, and already presents new projects, and the first game will be

an adventure featuring Indiana Jones.

What is known

The project has no name yet, but Lucasfilm Gameswrote on the official page that the players will have an "original story". In the teaser itself, you can find a hint of the scene. Among the books, a notebook and a map, you can see a ticket to Rome, as well as drawings of the fortress.

“It will be some time before we can tell you something else, but we are very happy to share the news!” - writes Bethesda.

The development of the game was entrusted to MachineGames, which became famous for the Wolfenstein series. In addition, Todd Howard will executive produce "in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games."

The developers have not announced the platforms either, but you would hardly be surprised if the game becomes a temporary or permanent Microsoft exclusive.

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