Inexpensive iPhone 9 first appeared “live” on video

Very soon, on March 31, the announcement of the new inexpensive iPhone - iPhone 9 should take place.

appeared on the network only in the form of renders and various verbal descriptions, but now, almost a month before the official presentation, the novelty first appeared “live” on the video.

Apparently, the device will not be a carbon copyrepeat the design of the iPhone 8, as previously stated. So, the smartphone will have quite rough side edges, more reminiscent of the iPhone 4 / 4S and iPhone 5 / 5S. In addition to this, you can see in the video what the new color will look like, which will also be debuting in the iPhone 9.

The only thing that is doubtful aboutthe veracity of the video is the glossy back panel. Rumors claimed that it would be even more matte than in the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. Is it true that iPhone 9 “lit up” on the video or is it another fake? We will find out very soon.